To commemorate International Youth Day, NUR Foundation and Fatima Memorial System pledged to lead Pakistan out of poverty and ignorance and take the nation where it truly belongs. Packed to capacity, the ceremony was held at the General Attique-ur-Rehman Auditorium which included a brief speech by Mrs. Shahima Rehman, Chairperson – Executive Committee, Fatima Memorial System and an Ijitmai Dua which was attended by the students of FMH Medical & Dental College, FMH Institution of Allied Health Sciences, Saida Waheed FMH of Nursing and the young interns of the NUR Student Leadership Program. The ceremony began with the national anthem which was followed by a talk by Mrs. Shahima Rehman where she spoke about current state of affairs, where the nation belonged two centuries and the role the youth of this country needs to play to make Pakistan one of the leading nations on the globe. The special prayer was held for the peace, security and sovereignty of Pakistan, the right guidance to our leadership, protection against internal and external fitna for the nation and prosperity for its people. The ceremony ended with a pledge by the students and everyone present to be the very best for this nation…..READ MORE

International Youth Day commemorated at NUR- FMS