(23rd July 2016) Fatima Memorial Hospital observed dengue day with an awareness walk to highlight precautionary measures of the disease within the general public. The walk by Fatima Memorial Hospital was in recognition of Dengue Day being observed by the Government of Punjab across the province today. On observing Dengue Day, Dr. Shahzad Naseem Pediatrician / Pediatric Infection disease specialist and Infection Control Officer of Fatima Memorial Hospital said, “Fatima Memorial Hospital has always been vigilant to minimize the incidence of dengue by vector control. The measures taken by Fatima Memorial Hospital include availability of educational material for general public and the hospital staff, display of banners within the institution and regular rounds to ensure that there are no breeding grounds for mosquitoes within the premises of the hospital.” Dengue Day was organized by Dr. Shahzad Naseem, Infection Control Officer of Fatima Memorial Hospital, the infection control department and management of Fatima Memorial Hospital. Fatima Memorial Hospital; a not for profit hospital was founded in 1977. It provides quality healthcare without discrimination to patients from all walks of life.

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