Fatima Memorial Hospital in collaboration with Arthritis Care Foundation organized an Arthritis Awareness Walk to coincide with World Arthritis Day. The walk was held to create public awareness of Arthritis as one in every third Pakistani suffers from some form of Rheumatic diseases. These diseases not only affect the bones and joints but can also involve any organ system of the body including the brain, heart, lungs, eye, skin, kidneys and nerves. They affect all age groups including children and both men and women. Today, due to great advancements in treatment of Arthritis related illnesses patients; diagnosed early and properly treated can be prevented from getting disabled for life. Rheumatic diseases are the single largest cause of physical disability across the globe. The number of working days lost due to such diseases and the consequent loss to the national and the patient’s domestic economy is vast. Thus far, the health planners in Pakistan have neglected this field in favour of concentrating on infectious and cardiac diseases. Meager health resources do not permit allocating funds to other ailments which can cause patients with arthritis to become disabled for life because of lack of centers for Rheumatic diseases. . The core objective of the Division of Rheumatology of Fatima Memorial Hospital is to offer assistance to non-paying patients with diagnostic tests as well as with treatment including consultations, laboratory test, radiology, medicines and latest Biologic agents with support from Arthritis Care Foundation. We hope that through activities like these in the country, public awareness of the rheumatic diseases increases resulting in early detection and the right medical care. We also emphasize the need for developing Division of Rheumatology in all Government teaching Hospitals. Fatima Memorial Hospital, a not for profit hospital was founded in 1977 in Shadman, Lahore with the mission to provide quality service without discrimination to patients from all walks of life.

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