(22nd July 2016) NUR Student Leaders; interns enrolled in NUR Student Leadership Program and students of Fatima Memorial System and NUR International University, invited their community brothers and sisters from NUR Foundation Schools on Friday for an ‘Eid Milan’. They had arranged for Eid gifts/ fun activities along with a lunch for these young fellows. They had also invited all of the Janitorial Staff of Fatima Memorial System to be their guests on the Eid Milan and have fun with them all. Most of the Student Leaders belong to privileged backgrounds and in order to teach them empathy towards their marginalized counterparts, such activities play a very vital role. All donations made by Student leaders through bake sale shall be shared with the NUR Foundation Schools for library books. Mrs. Shahima Rehman, Chairperson, CEC applauded the efforts put in by the young and energetic students and highlighted the importance of gaining empathy through putting oneself in the shoes of others.

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