(Lahore – 15th August 2016) NUR Foundation launched the NUR Foundation Micro-Finance Project held an inauguration ceremony at the General Attique-ur-Rehman Auditorium of Fatima Memorial Hospital. This initiative is launched for the low income bracket employees of NUR Foundation & Fatima Memorial System (NUR-FMS) whereby microfinance loans will be disbursed to them on the basis of their necessity and requirements. This initiative is launched with the intention of improving the socio-economic status of these employees of NUR-FMS. It is hoped that the interest free loans given through the NUR Foundation Micro-Finance Project will to enable them to become self-sustainable and reliant. Through this endeavor it is also hoped to promote Qarz-e-hasana (Interest free loan) as a viable model for poverty reduction. The event consisted of an address by Mrs. Shahima Rehman- Founder / President NUR Foundation and Chairperson- SGT Fatima Memorial System. This was followed by an address by Dr. Amjad Saqib- Founding Chairman and Executive Director Akhuwat and a vote of thanks by Dr. Zafar Iqbal Quraishi – Senior Member SGT – Fatima Memorial System and Chairman Board of Governors NUR International University. The ceremony ended with a rendition of iss parcham key sai talley hum aik hain by the students of NUR Foundation Schools and a Dua. On the launch of NUR Foundation Micro-Finance Project, Mrs. Shahima Rehman – Founder/President of NUR Foundation said, “I have faith in the power of our unity as a nation, iss parcham key sai talley hum aik hain and with this goal in mind we have worked towards poverty alleviation for the past 4 decades. I am just a care taker of the NUR-FMS family thus it is my responsibility to take care of them and this project is another step in that direction. Today we are a family of 2000 and NUR-FMS encompasses 9 institutions and this is only because of the prayers of our beneficiaries of the NUR Community Outreach Program and the patients treated at Fatima Memorial Hospital. We as a family will continue working towards poverty alleviation of our fellow Pakistani and play our humble role towards the betterment of our nation. NUR-FMS was established with the objective of contributing to the social economy of Pakistan through human development and economic empowerment of underserved and marginalized communities. The corner stone of the NUR-FMS endeavors is to enable self-empowerment of the poor and deprived.

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