Mrs. Shahima Rehman Chairperson Fatima Memorial System & President, NUR Foundation

“Driving force behind the transformation of Fatima Memorial Hospital (FMH) into the Fatima Memorial System (FMS) – A leading health care and education resource” in Lahore, Pakistan. Founder President of NUR Foundation Pakistan (Established in 2005)


A development professional involved in the health, education and social development sectors in Pakistan; Mrs Shahima Rehman has been an integral part of the Fatima Memorial System in Lahore, Pakistan ever since she joined as Project Director in 1984.

With a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Punjab University (Pakistan) and later a Global Master of Arts degree from the prestigious Fletcher School, Tufts University (USA), Mrs. Rehman has been the Chairperson of the Executive Committee at the Fatima Memorial System since 1992, a position she continues to hold to date. Today, as one of Pakistan’s most recognised and respected professionals within the field, Mrs. Rehman continues to inspire young Pakistanis through the dedication of her work and life for the betterment of the country’s systems of education and healthcare.

Under Mrs. Rehman’s impassioned leadership, Fatima Memorial has grown to encompass an entire system of healthcare, education, outreach, community service and training comprising of Fatima Memorial Hospital [FMH], FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry, Saida Waheed FMH College of Nursing, FMH Centre for Postgraduate Medicine, FMH Institute of Allied Health Sciences, NUR Foundation Centre for Research and Consulting, and the NUR Foundation Community Outreach Programme.

Today, the NUR Foundation / Fatima Memorial Systems’ team consists of over 1900 highly skilled, diverse and experienced individuals out of which over 60% of the workforce comprises of females. The integrated community development approach offers a unique set of opportunities relevant to healthcare, education, women empowerment and economic development, thus a fast track means of achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

In the year 1985, Mrs. Rehman designed and initiated the ‘Integrated Community Outreach Programme’ in 5 villages around Lahore with a view to provide:
i. Primary education through network of formal and non-formal schools;
ii. Healthcare through a network of Primary Health Care facilities
iii. Vocational training
iv. Micro finance.
From the time of initiation the program has served over 2 million individuals at their doorstep, educated more than 25,000 children, provided certificates of training to over 2000 individuals in vocational trades, and supported over 10,000 families with microcredit. The programme continues to grow and expand.

In 2005, Nur Foundation was established to address the need for a well-crafted and efficient education and healthcare policy for Pakistan. The Nur Centre for Research and Policy is planned to provide capacity building, training and consultancy services across the health, education and social sectors; as well as to make evidence-based inputs into policy development for social and economic empowerment of communities in Pakistan.

Mrs Rehman led a groundbreaking role model Public Private Partnership with the Government of Punjab through the establishment of the Saida Waheed FMH College of Nursing in the year 2009 which was setup to fulfil the critical shortage of nurses in the Province. The College of Nursing has the unique advantage of being the largest and most comprehensive nursing training institutes in South Asia. It was after this nursing college that quite a few of the conservative communities were encouraged and convinced to let their female children out of the house for studying and work purposes.

It was January 2011 when Mrs. Rehman further created avenues for external association and collaboration in the development sector for NUR Foundation / Fatima Memorial with a diversity of international and national institutions such as the Qatar Red Crescent.

Under her dynamic leadership, FMS also opened its doors in 2011 to teams of visiting faculty from College D’ Etudes Osteopathiques, Canada and Osteopathy Without Borders (CEO and OWB). Taking it a step further in 2013, an MOU between CEO/OWB and NUR/FMS was signed to set up the first School of Osteopathy in Asia.

Quote by the Osteopathy Without Borders team
Shahima Rehman is a most inspired and inspiring leader, always staying focused on her goal of creating a more peaceful world, very attached to holistic care of patients, even within an allopathic hospital.”

Under Mrs. Rehman’s guidance, the NUR Foundation / FMS partnership has continued to take the lead in disaster relief management. After the earthquake in Pakistan [2005], Mrs. Rehman personally assessed the medical needs in IDP camps, thus sending out NUR / FMS Relief Teams of specialist doctors who visited the camps to provide Emergency Assistance and Life Saving Support. The NUR / FMH team was one of the first to arrive in Abbottabad and set up camps at CHM, thus earning the NUR / FMS Relief team a “Certificate of Commendation” in recognition of the humanitarian services and generous undertaking of rescue and relief efforts. Since then the relief work has continued in the provinces of Baluchistan during the tsunami of 2007, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with internally displaced persons (IDPs) in 2009 as well as in South Punjab during the devastating floods of 2010, 2012, and 2013.

In addition to her work with the NUR Foundation and the Fatima Memorial System, Mrs. Rehman has served as a Board member of the Punjab Provincial Zakat Council, Punjab Welfare Board for the Disabled, Global Heritage Fund, Frontier Heritage Fund, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority, Punjab Chapter (PEMRA) and a member of the CEO Council of Executive Alumni Association at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). She has also served on the Punjab Chief Minister’s Taskforce on Health.

Today, a case study commissioned and funded by the Packard Foundation that highlights the leadership role of Mrs. Shahima Rehman is currently being taught at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), one of the leading business schools of Pakistan.